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Mediatordates is operated by ADR Expedite Inc., which developed and operates the Arbdates web site. Since early 2002, the Arbdates web site has provided information about the availability of labour arbitrators to counsel and others in the labour relations community. See also About Mediatordates.

Participating mediators (or their assistants) provide the availability, contact and profile information that appears on this site. They do that by entering the information over the internet, using a browser. Each participant has password access for that purpose, and can authorize one or more assistants (with separate passwords) to update the information as well. Mediators pay a monthly or yearly charge to participate.
Participation charge details

Become a participating mediator

If you are an Ontario mediator and want to be listed on this site, enter your email address below and click the Submit button. An email message will be sent to that address containing a link to the page at which you can register.