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Barry B. Fisher

Barry B. Fisher Mediation & Arbitration
393 University Ave.
Suite 2000
Toronto, Ontario   M5G 1E6

(416) 585-2330
416 593 1352 (fax)
Degrees/Designations - B.A. LLB
Practice Areas - Employment, Human Rights and Labour
Practice Description - Over 95% of my mediation practice is related to employment matters, including wrongful dismissal, human rights, group disability claims, pensions and employment related tort actions.

My mediation style utilizes an evaluative model rather than a strictly facilitative one. Unless all the parties wish to have a joint session, I generally conduct my mediations on the basis of utilizing only separate caucuses.
Background - I practiced employment law since my call to the Ontario Bar in 1979. My ADR career started in 1988 when I was first appointed as a Vice Chair of the Ontario Public Service Grievance Settlement Board, a postion that I still hold. I have worked as a mediator and arbitrator both in employment and labour law disputes since 1996. The majority of my current practice involves working as an off roster mediator under the Ontario Mandatory Mediation Program.
I am the Past Chair of the ADR Section of the Ontario Bar Association.
I am also the author of the online Wrongful Dismissal Database, published by Carswell Publishing, found at
I am the author of Fisher's Guide to the Mediation and Arbitration of Employment Law Disputes, published by Wrongful Dismissal Inc.
In 2016 I was inducted into the International Academy of Mediators.
Fees - Half day (three hours ) $2,600 and for each hour thereafter $600.
For a full day mediation (7 hours) $4,000 and for each additional hour thereafter $600.
Use of my rooms at Law Chambers is at no charge.

During the COVID-19 pandemic some mediators may only be conducting mediations by video or telephone conference.

If you are seeking an “in person” mediation on a mediator's available date, you should discuss with that mediator whether s/he will conduct an “in person” mediation on that date.