About Mediatordates

"It is surprising that in 41% of cases counsel allow a mediator to be chosen for them at random. The roster is full of mediators who are experienced in highly specialized areas. Further, the parties are permitted to choose their own non-roster mediator, although such a mediator would not be bound by the maximum fees set out in the Regulations." -- How do I get a mediator?, Civil Case Management: Toronto Update, Summer 2003 Newsletter

Mediatordates is operated by ADR Expedite Inc., which was incorporated in 2001 by a Toronto arbitrator and mediator. ADR Expedite Inc. developed and operates the Arbdates web site. Since early 2002, the Arbdates web site has provided information about the availability of labour arbitrators to counsel and others in the labour relations community.

With the encouragement of the executives of the Alternative Dispute Resolution and Civil Litigation Sections of the Ontario Bar Association, ADR Expedite Inc. developed Mediatordates to respond to the interest of counsel and mediators in having web based access to information about Ontario mediators, particularly their backgrounds and availability.

If counsel fail to agree on a mediator and mediation date before the deadline for doing so under the Rules of Practice, they lose control over the identity of their mediator. They may also have difficulty with the date that an assigned mediator is then constrained by the Rules and his/her own calendar to set. Counsel facing that deadline can browse Mediatordates before and during their discussions about a choice of a mediator and a date for a mediation session. The information provided here will assist counsel in choosing a mediator based on the mediator's background and availability on dates convenient to them and their clients.

When a mediator has been chosen, or assigned, before a date for a mediation session is set, the availability information at Mediatordates can assist counsel and mediators in scheduling or rescheduling a date. Mediatordates provides information that could otherwise only be obtained through a series of telephone calls and exchanges of voice mail messages.

When disputants are directly involved in selecting a mediator or setting a mediation date all of these benefits are available to them as well.

Participating mediators can refer disputants and counsel or their assistants to Mediatordates in answer to questions about availability and the scheduling or rescheduling of mediations. Mediators retain control over the booking of mediations. Disputants or their counsel contact the mediator directly to confirm availability or book a date.